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Injuries you might suffer as an agricultural worker

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Working in agriculture in the Yolo County area can be a very dangerous job. Every year, thousands of farmworkers across the United States suffer serious injuries and sometimes even death due to work-related accidents. In fact, agriculture is one of the most dangerous industries you can work in. This is because farmworkers face the same kind of hazardous conditions as people in other industries who work with heavy machinery and perform intense physical labor.

In order to reduce your chances of suffering a work accident, it is important to know what kind of hazards to watch for. The following are some common farm industry dangers that you might be exposed to every time you go to work.


Most farmers use some kind of pesticide to protect their crops from unwanted animals and insects. Breathing the fumes from pesticides or even getting the chemicals on your skin can cause serious harm. Furthermore, if your family lives close to farm areas, they could also be at risk of exposure to these dangerous substances.


Another common danger that farmworkers face is heatstroke. During planting and harvesting times, temperatures often climb to levels that become dangerous for people performing physical labor outdoors.

Heavy equipment

Many accidents can occur around heavy machinery. For instance, if the machine operator does not have the proper training, he can put or him- or herself and those nearby in danger. It does not take much to cause a machine like a tractor or front-loader to flip over. Also, large machines, like other equipment, can malfunction. Unfortunately, when farm equipment malfunctions, it can have tragic consequences.

Other dangers

Other dangers that farmworkers face include skin disorders, eye injuries, infectious diseases and respiratory illnesses. In addition, the shear force of the constant physical labor can damage your muscles, tendons, ligaments and even your bones.

If you work in the agricultural industry and you have suffered a work-related accident that results in a disability, there are options available for your recovery. You might be able to take legal action and fight for the social security disability benefits you deserve for your injuries.

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