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Can I apply for workers’ compensation and disability benefits?

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Being injured at work is an extremely stressful occurrence. If you have a job that involves being physically active, your risk of being injured at work is highly increased from that of an office job. What’s more, if you do become injured as a physically active worker, you are less likely to be able to return to work, because the injuries that you have sustained leave you unable to do your job.

When a person is prevented from returning to work because of the injuries that he or she sustained, it can be a disheartening experience. But it can also bring about fears in relation to finances. If you cannot work, then you cannot earn a wage. This is where people often become confused about what the correct process is when it comes to seeking benefits. Do they apply for workers’ compensation, do they file for Social Security Disability benefits or is it possible to file for both?

Is it possible to apply for workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability benefits?

When you have first become injured, it is important that you make a claim for workers’ compensation as soon as possible. This will help you to cover the most urgent expenses. However, it is completely in your rights in the state of California to apply for Social Security Disability benefits in addition.

How can I qualify for Social Security Disability benefits in California?

In order to qualify for Social Security Disability, you must be able to prove that the illness, injury or condition that you are suffering from will last for 12 months or longer, and that it is preventing you from earning a monthly salary of more than $1000.

Your application should also include a note from your doctor that can testify to your condition. It should also give proof through scientific evidence such as x-rays, blood test results and other medical examinations.

It is important to take your time when filing for Social Security Disability benefits, especially because more than 70 percent of applications are denied nationally. Make sure to conduct research and gather all of the information you need.

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