California residents who are planning on filing for Social Security Disability benefits are advised to list all of their conditions when applying. This is because it is easier to have a claim approved on the basis of multiple conditions as opposed to just one. The more impairments that a person can claim, the more likely it is that an examiner will determine that an individual is unable to work now or in the future.

It is important to note that a person can obtain benefits if he or she only has a single condition. Applicants are encouraged to list a condition even if that person doesn’t think that it results in a disability. In some cases, an individual will apply for benefits for one condition but have an application approved based on another physical or mental condition listed. Therefore, failing to communicate the presence of any type of physical or mental ailment could be the difference between getting an application approved or denied.

For instance, individuals who have arthritis may have an application approved because they also have depression. When taken together, it could prohibit an individual from performing past jobs or any other work. Other work could include any tasks that people are qualified for based on their work history or education.

Those who are applying for SSD benefits should include as many details as possible about their condition. This means listing every condition that they have as well as submitting medical evidence of them. An attorney may help gather evidence as well as help with the appeals process in the event that the claim is denied, as first submissions often are.