California residents who have some form of physical or mental impairment that significantly affects how well they are able to work should know if and when they should apply for Social Security Disability benefits. Filing for SSD is typically advised if a medical condition restricts a person’s ability to work. This includes the abilities to do tasks a person has performed in the past as well as other types of work that are considered suitable due to a person’s training, education and job skills.

The Social Security Administration considers a person’s ability to perform previous or other work activity when making decisions regard medical disability benefits. A thorough review of the medical history and work history of a claimant is conducted before a decision is made.

The SSA will examine the past work performed by a claimant in the last 15 years before the development of the disability, as long as the claimant performed the work long enough to be able to learn the responsibilities of the job. A claimant’s job skills, education and current limitations will be factors that are examined with examining other type of work that the claimant may be believed to be capable of executing.

People can apply for SSD if their mental or physical conditions have made it impossible for them to work and obtain a substantial and gainful income for one year. They should also apply if they believe that they will not be able to work for one year because of their impairments.

An attorney who practices Social Security Disability law may assist disabled clients with navigating the claims process. The attorney may help obtain the necessary documents to verify a disability and may advocate on behalf of clients who want to appeal a denied claim.