A healthy young worker in California is likely not thinking about disability. The truth is that when people are healthy, they do not want to think about negative changes to their health. However, according to statistics, workers who are 20 years of age have a 25 percent chance of becoming disabled prior to reaching the age of retirement. These dire statistics put the idea of thinking about what one would do if they become disabled in a different light.

There are two programs offered by Social Security that are designed to pay disability benefits. There is the SSDI program, which stands for Social Security Disability Insurance. The SSI program stands for Supplemental Security Income.

Social Security Disability Insurance receives its funding through the taxes that a person pays with their payroll. An individual who would receive this form of insurance has worked for a number of years and has contributed into the Social Security fund. If a person is self-employed, they make these contributions via the SECA program. If a person is an employee, they do so via FICA.

Conversely, SSI is a program that is not related to a person’s work history. Instead, it is designed to help individuals who are dealing with a disability but do not have a lot of financial resources. The Social Security Administration is in charge of administrating the funds, but the insurance is not funded via Social Security taxes. This program is set up to help individuals who have disabilities that prevent them from working. To qualify for this, an individual must have a disability that will last for at least one year or will eventually result in their death.

Social Security and the available benefits as well as the paperwork connected to it can be complicated. An attorney who specializes in Social Security disability may be able to work with their client by helping them understand the requirements for benefits. They may help their client fill out or acquire the paperwork needed to qualify for a particular type of assistance. If a request for Social Security is denied, the attorney may provide options that will help their client file an appeal.