Filing a Social Security disability claim in California can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to meeting all of the various requirements that go along with this process. There’s no guarantee that someone seeking disability benefits in the Golden State will receive them. However, there are some common mistakes that could make the process more frustrating and lengthy.

For example, prior to filing an SSDI claim, an applicant may want to review their medical records. Oftentimes, benefit seekers assume physicians will be on the same page regarding the need for disability benefits only to discover that derogatory information is included. Conversely, if a doctor is supportive of a patient’s claim and condition, they may be willing to provide a more comprehensive treating medical source statement with diagnosis, treatment and prognosis details.

When an application is handed off to a state disability agency for consideration, cases are sometimes denied if it’s believed that a benefit seeker is failing to cooperate. Even a basic mistake such as not providing updated contact information can result in a denial if a disability examiner is unable to reach an applicant. Claims may also be denied if benefits don’t return things like fully completed activities of daily living questionnaires or work history forms in a timely manner. If a consultative examination is scheduled, an applicant should keep the appointment or call as soon as possible to reschedule.

Another way to improve the chances of having a claim approved is to consult with an attorney. A lawyer could help an applicant avoid any mistakes. It’s also not unusual for an applicant to seek legal assistance if there is a need to a file an appeal after an initial claim is denied.