If a California resident is applying for Social Security disability benefits, the first step is to send an application that will be reviewed by an examiner. The examiner will pay special attention to any jobs performed within the past 15 years as skills used during this period of time are generally still relevant. During the analysis of the applicant’s job history, an examiner will look for job titles and dates of employment.

The examiner will also look for any details that could determine the physical and mental capabilities needed to perform a task. Applicants are urged to be as specific as possible to help the examiner make a proper determination. Otherwise, the application could be denied, which would make it necessary to go through the appeals process. Of course, being detailed can help an applicant at the administrative law hearing level as well.

It is also important to provide accurate and detailed information as it relates to medical history. Ideally, an individual will list all sources of medical treatment during the initial application. This can be used to determine if an applicant acquired a mental or physical disability. The amount of medical information that an examiner or administrative law judge would need to look at may vary based on the details of a case.

Someone who has an inability to work may want to obtain legal assistance. Whether an application is approved or not depends on a variety of factors. A legal representative with experience in Social Security disability applications could help with this process. If necessary, the lawyer could gather evidence of a disability or prepare an individual for an administrative law hearing.