If you reside in the state of California, you are entitled to certain protections in the event of your becoming disabled. These terms will vary from federal social security disability benefits, so it is important that you understand exactly what you are entitled to in your home state.

State funded disability benefits can be particularly beneficial if you are suffering from a short-term disability that you are expected to recover from within a year. This short-term disability could be one that you acquired in the workplace or in your personal time.

How does the disability insurance claim process work in the state of California?

If your disability is affecting your ability to work as an already employed person, the California State Disability Insurance (SDI) program is in place to help you from a financial perspective. The program is intended to help workers who are forced by their disability to take unpaid leave and are suffering lost wages as a result.

To start your claim for disability insurance in the state of California, you should think about your eligibility. To be eligible for disability insurance benefits in the state of California, you must be employed or making an effort to seek work, and have documented proof of having lost wages as a result of your disability. In addition, you must have been unable to perform your work duties because of your disability for a minimum of eight days.

Filing a claim for disability benefits

If you believe that you are eligible for disability benefits as a California resident, you should start to take action by filing a claim. This can be done through completing a form on SDI Online. You can do this at any time of the day, however, you may need to submit some documents as evidence in the mail. If you are successful in applying, the benefits you receive will start from the date that your disability officially began or when it started to impede your work.

It is important to take action if you are struggling financially due to your disability. The sooner you apply, the quicker you will gain financial relief.