The process faced by California applicants for Social Security Disability benefits can often be difficult and arduous. Many deserving claimants are denied benefits and receive a denial letter at the initial stages of their application, even if they are later approved. When people receive a notice of disapproved claim after filing for benefits, the letter will generally state that the applicant is not disabled according to the definitions used by the Social Security Administration for these benefits.

The letter will then list the medical information sources that the evaluator relied upon in order to reject the claim. While this will often be the same list that the applicant submitted with the application, it may omit some sources or add additional providers that were not listed. If the case goes to a hearing later, a disability attorney can review the medical records obtained and used by the SSA. If important records are missing, they can be added to the file at the hearing stage.

The letter will also include the conditions for which the applicant’s claim was evaluated as well as a description of how they affect his or her ability to work. Many letters say that even though applicants cannot continue their previous jobs, they could find a different job instead. It will note that the denial letter was approved by a doctor before it was sent out. When applicants receive these letters, they can be important prompts to file immediately for an appeal.

When going through the process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits, it can be important to work hand in hand with someone who knows the system. A disability lawyer can work with a client at all stages of the benefits process to make a strong claim and challenge false assertions and unfair denials.