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Am I eligible for Social Security Disability benefits?

If you are suffering from an ailment or injury in the state of California that affects your ability to carry out meaningful work, it is likely that you will be concerned about your financial future as well as your health. It is important to note that if you are a skilled professional who has paid taxes for many years and you are only now suffering from a condition that is disabling you, it is very likely that you will be able to claim disability benefits in order to help you through your time of not being able to work.

Short disability hearings may be signs of success

California applicants may go through a lengthy process with extended waiting periods after applying for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. Even though these benefits may be crucial for a person unable to work due to disabilities and injuries, it can take a very long time to wind through the appeals stages, especially after an initial denial. Still, many applicants are surprised when they arrive at the final stage of their appeals only to find themselves at a very short hearing.

Understanding a denial letter when seeking SSD benefits

The process faced by California applicants for Social Security Disability benefits can often be difficult and arduous. Many deserving claimants are denied benefits and receive a denial letter at the initial stages of their application, even if they are later approved. When people receive a notice of disapproved claim after filing for benefits, the letter will generally state that the applicant is not disabled according to the definitions used by the Social Security Administration for these benefits.

Getting SSD benefits without medical records

A California resident who has no health insurance may not have medical records to submit when applying for Social Security Disability benefits. In such a scenario, an applicant would need to attend a consultative examination. These exams are designed to measure the physical or mental impairment a person may face. However, the doctor that performs the exam may not have the experience needed to treat a person's specific ailment.

Benefit cases can be won before a hearing takes place

California residents and others who have their disability benefit case heard by a judge have a 65 percent success rate in having their claims approved. While many cases do go to the administrative hearing level, there is a chance that a claim will be approved sooner. Roughly half of applicants receive a favorable outcome in their cases at either the initial application or reconsideration stages.

Don't just hope your injury goes away

People have a tendency to hope that an injury or ailment will simply go away on its own. They try to "walk it off" or "gut it out." They figure that giving it time will help it heal without that trip to the doctor's office.

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