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Nursing injuries can easily take you out of rotation

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When you work as a nurse, the daily wear and tear of caring for others can often take a great toll on your physical health. Nursing duties can cause significant injuries that require special care and recovery time.

For many workers, the ongoing strains of offering ongoing personal care places a great deal of pressure on their bodies, which frequently results in serious injuries. In many cases, nurses who experience ongoing pain or injuries may need help getting the care they need and taking time to recover properly.

Do you qualify for Social Security disability benefits?

While it is good that there are Social Security benefits available, many individuals who rightfully deserve to receive these benefits do not get approved on their first or even second applications. Some may become frustrated and give up on trying to secure benefits at all.

Often, the Social Security Administration (SSA) reviews an individual’s application and disqualifies him or her for reasons that can seem unfair. In some cases, applicants believe their first application, no matter how well-documented, gets rejected simply because it is the first submission.

If you believe that you may deserve disability benefits, you should consider using some of the legal tools that you have to facilitate the process. Strong legal guidance can help you tailor your application to navigate the system more effectively. It might also help you identify pitfalls along the way, and thus, be able to avoid them.

Social Security benefits or workers’ compensation?

Depending on the nature of your injury and when it occurred, a workers’ compensation claim may be more appropriate. However, workers’ compensation claims have fairly small windows of opportunity. If you did not recently suffer your injury, or if your ailment is cumulative and not derived from an isolated incident, Social Security may provide more lucrative benefits.

Nurses often suffer serious debilitation of their bodies due to the innately physical nature of the work involved in their profession. Among other things, nurses often experience long-term complications from constantly lifting and moving patients. If you believe that moving patients caused your injury, be sure to get a complete medical examination to fully understand the nature of your injuries and the most effective remedies you can use to address your pain or disability.

Protecting your rights

However you choose to address your injuries and ongoing need for care and support, make it a priority to understand and protect the rights that you have. A strong legal strategy can often prevent violations of your rights and help you focus on the heart of the matter.

Do not put off seeking the support you need and the benefits that you deserve. The journey from applying for benefits to receiving them is often long, and the sooner you get started on your application, the sooner you may receive the relief and support you need.