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Applying for Social Security Disability with back pain

Back pain can make California patients' lives miserable and make it painful or impossible to return to work. As a result, many sufferers may apply for Social Security Disability benefits based on their back pain. However, both applicants and former disability examiners have noted that people whose applications are based on back and spine conditions often face problems being approved for disability benefits. The disability impairment listings used by the Social Security Administration include back and spine problems, but the criteria listed can often be difficult to meet.

How representatives help during a disability hearing

As with any other court proceeding, being prepared and making strong arguments makes it easier to win a disability benefit case. When California residents have an attorney or other representation, it makes it easier to prepare for a case. One of the things that a representative will do prior to a hearing is gather as much evidence as possible to bolster a person's claim of being physically or mentally disabled.

What to know about receiving disability benefits

California residents may be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits even if their mental or physical disability may substantially improve in the future. However, they will need to show that they are totally disabled to receive benefits. This means that an individual cannot obtain employment that will allow him or her to make more than the substantial gainful activity amount for at least one year.

Experts' role in disability cases in question

When people in California apply for Social Security Disability benefits, they may sometimes feel as if they are facing a difficult and even uncaring bureaucracy. The process of application and appeals can be challenging, particularly for people who are already struggling due to the effects of their disabilities. Expert testimony can play a significant role in a case with both positive and negative effects, and now the U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case that could potentially require expert witnesses to back up their assertions with data and documented evidence.

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