California residents who are disabled could be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. But the wait time for getting approved for benefits is known to be rather long. The reason for this often involves the need for proper documentation of the applicant’s medical condition. Sometimes medical offices or even the applicant can cause delays in the process.

Disability as it pertains to receiving benefits means that people are disabled to a point where they cannot work for a period of at least one year. In order for a disability examiner to decide if this is the case with an individual applicant, medical records must be obtained. The applicant can help by submitting as much information as he or she can obtain, and by contacting his or her doctors to authorize release of medical records.

Medical offices have a reputation for being slow to send records. A disability examiner’s job performance is evaluated on how quickly cases are processed and closed, so it can be assumed that the examiner is doing his or her best to get medical information quickly. Many applicants miss an opportunity to speed up the process by contacting their doctors to request records and authorize their release.

In some cases, the possibility that treatment could improve the applicant’s condition enough to enable a return to work can put a disability case on hold. An example is if someone is unable to work but has surgery scheduled that could make working possible again.

A Social Security Disability applicant could hire an attorney as a legal representative. An attorney could inform the applicant of all necessary paperwork, including medical records, and assist in contacting doctor’s offices to get medical records and other necessary information sent to the disability examiner.