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Following through after a disability application is submitted

When California residents submit a Social Security Disability Insurance or SSI claim, the cases will be assigned to a disability examiner who is authorized to decide on claims at the disability application level and during reconsideration appeals. If more information is required, the applicant may be asked for this information or scheduled for an examination appointment.

Disability hearings can be positive for SSD applicants

When people in California apply for Social Security Disability benefits, they may consider how they can improve their application for benefits and increase their likelihood of approval. People who are applying for benefits because they are unable to work often desperately need the funds and may look for every opportunity to enhance their chances of a positive determination. However, in the first two steps of the process, the initial application and the reconsideration appeal, there are few opportunities for an applicant to bolster their file.

Quicker processing of SSD claims

California residents who may be in situations in which they need to have their SSI or Social Security Disability case processed as soon as possible may be able to do so by submitting a request. A dire need request is one that appeals for faster processing of an application due to extenuating circumstances, including the high likelihood that the applicant may lose the home that they own or rent. A dire need request may also be submitted if the applicant is in danger of having their utilities cut off or is unable to pay for required medicine.

Could your warehouse job disable you?

It's been said that if you can't find it on Amazon, it probably can't be legally purchased. But at what cost to the workers are these sales? You might be shocked at what the workers have to endure at one of the world's leading shopping delivery companies.

The biggest culprit in slowing down SSD decisions

California residents who are disabled could be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. But the wait time for getting approved for benefits is known to be rather long. The reason for this often involves the need for proper documentation of the applicant's medical condition. Sometimes medical offices or even the applicant can cause delays in the process.

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