Going through the application process for Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits can sometimes be difficult. However, there are certain steps that California residents can take to enhance the likelihood that they will receive the benefits they need, even if they have been initially denied.

Beginning the SSDI application or appeals process can be daunting. To bolster themselves, applicants should keep in mind that they have contributed to the funds used for SSDI through the FICA taxes withheld from their wages. Therefore, they should not hesitate to apply for assistance if they need the assistance.

In order to receive SSDI benefits, one must have a disability as strictly defined by the Social Security Administration. Their disability must be a severe impairment that will last at least a year or is expected to end in death. The applicant must also be younger than retirement age and must have contributed FICA taxes for at least five of the previous 10 years.

During the process, the applicant will want to gather their work history records that include the dates of the employment. They can take advantage of free online screenings, which can help them determine if they meet the eligibility requirements.

People who believe that they are eligible for SSDI benefits should not delay in submitting their applications. If an applicant truly cannot work, delays could potentially drain retirement and savings accounts.

An attorney who’s familiar with SSDI requirements may guide clients through the process of applying for the benefits. The attorney may also advocate for clients during appeal hearings.