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The process of applying for SSD benefits

California residents who are looking to file for social security disability benefits can do so online, by phone or at a local field office. However, it is best to do so in person whenever possible. Applying online could lead to uncertainty, and information received over the phone isn't always accurate. Furthermore, an applicant can't talk to a claims representative when filing online.

Acceptable reasons for filing a late disability appeal

The Social Security Administration takes into account some of the difficult circumstances that might affect applicants in California. Any individual has a right to appeal a decision from the agency. Usually, the appeal must be made in writing within 60 days of receiving the decision letter plus five more days for mailing time. If an applicant fails to complete an appeal within this time window, the agency recognizes many good causes for missing the deadline.

Determining one's SSD benefits

Over 10 million people receive Social Security disability benefits. While California residents may be concerned primarily with how much they may receive in Social Security retirement benefits, they should also prepare for the unexpected and learn how to calculate the amount they would receive if they became disabled.

SSD and workers' comp often go together

Most California employees who are injured on the job understand that they are entitled to benefits under workers' compensation laws. What could be surprising to some injured workers is that they have an additional potential for benefits through the Social Security Administration. While not applicable to every injured employee, some are leaving benefits on the table by not applying for Social Security Disability.

Can I apply for workers’ compensation and disability benefits?

Being injured at work is an extremely stressful occurrence. If you have a job that involves being physically active, your risk of being injured at work is highly increased from that of an office job. What's more, if you do become injured as a physically active worker, you are less likely to be able to return to work, because the injuries that you have sustained leave you unable to do your job.

Documentation is key to disability approvals

California residents who are out of work due to physical limitations often wonder about Social Security Disability and eligibility requirements. While there are many anecdotal stories about delays and nightmarish bureaucracy, the requirements and process for disability approval are rather straightforward. There can be delays, but having paperwork in order goes a long way toward streamlining the process.

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