Californians who are approved for Social Security Disability benefits will receive back pay of their monthly benefits that date back to the date that they were entitled to receive them. There are several factors that affect when the date of first entitlement is.

The Social Security Administration will first look at the date of the application. In the application for benefits, people list the date when their conditions left them disabled and unable to work. The agency calls this the alleged onset of disability. Next, the SSA will review the medical evidence in order to determine when the disability began. Finally, the agency looks at when the applicants were entitled after first applying the five-month waiting period.

Once the date of entitlement is established by the SSA, the agency will then calculate the monthly benefits that the applicant would have received if his or her application had been approved on that date. The back pay will then be paid as a single lump sum to the applicant for all of the monthly benefits to which he or she is entitled to back to that date.

Social Security Disability is available to people who are disabled and no longer able to work. It can provide a financial lifeline to people who are approved for benefits. People who have disabilities that are serious enough that they are unable to do any substantial gainful work might want to consult with experienced disability attorneys who can assist their clients with their applications. If they are denied, the attorneys may then work to build strong cases that show that their clients should be granted benefits during their appeals.