There are a variety of different hematological disorders that can be severely debilitating. Both malignant and non-cancerous hematological conditions may leave victims unable to work. People in California who suffer from these disabling disorders may be eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits when they apply for them.

When the Social Security Administration receives a claim for disability benefits for hematological disorders, it goes through an evaluative process. The SSA requires that applicants submit certain documents as evidence that they have these conditions. People will need to submit a laboratory report that is signed by a doctor from a test that shows that they have the disorder. They may alternatively submit an unsigned lab report together with a written and signed statement from a doctor that they have the condition.

If people cannot submit a laboratory report, the SSA will accept a persuasive statement from a doctor that the person has the disorder and that appropriate laboratory confirmatory analyses were conducted. While the SSA says that it will attempt to obtain copies of the laboratory tests, it will not pay for costly reports.

When people have medical conditions that prevent them from returning to their jobs, Social Security Disability may help them to meet their basic financial needs. The Social Security Administration denies many initial claims that are filed by disabled workers. If it does, the people have the right to appeal within a limited period of time. People whose benefits applications were denied might want to consult with experienced Social Security Disability lawyers. The attorneys may help their clients to gather the evidence that they might need to succeed with their appeals. Lawyers may help their clients with their appeals to try to make their claims stronger. They may appear on their behalf at the appeals hearings before the administrative law judges.