Even the healthiest people get aches and pains every once in a while. For some people, these everyday aches and pains make it difficult to lead a normal working life. If you have chronic pain or a chronic condition that causes pain, you may have found that other people have trouble understanding the almost daily obstacles you face. What kind of problems does pain cause in your life?

Aches and pains may keep you from holding down a steady job even if you had a good work history before suffering symptoms. If so, you could be eligible for disability compensation from the state or federal government. Let’s take a closer look at the definition of chronic pain and the programs available to people who qualify.

What is chronic pain?

The physical pain you feel you is very real. However, it can be a relative measure to some. That is why the government wants to ensure that people aren’t using the system without some objective measure of what they might be feeling.

To be eligible for disability, your chronic pain must be diagnosable as a symptom of an illness, disease or injury. This requirement can seem like a burden if you have trouble getting around, but it can be the first step toward effectively treating your pain and potentially increasing your chances of earning disability benefits.

An examination of your pain may determine how it affects the following:

  • Fine motor skills such as writing, typing or handling tools.
  • Your ability to sit or stand for sustained periods of time.
  • Your ability to walk unassisted for a certain distance.

After finding the cause of your pain and how it impacts your life, you can begin to outline:

  • A timetable for treatment.
  • How long it could be until you can be gainfully employed.
  • Any equipment you might need like a brace.

What programs are available?

For sufferers of chronic pain, you could be eligible for a number of government programs designed to help people who are unable to work. Some programs are based on your age or income level while others are based on your past work history.

While dealing with chronic pain can make life challenging, it is important to be proactive in your desire to overcome it. Finding out the source of your pain can give you a better idea of how it affects your ability to work and if you are eligible for disability benefits.