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What to do when SSDI claims are denied

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A majority of Social Security Disability Insurance claims that are filed by Californians are initially denied by the Social Security Administration. People whose claims have been denied may take steps to appeal their denials and possibly secure their benefits.

When claimants receive notices of denial, they sometimes make the mistake of believing that they must start over. Instead, they should request a reconsideration by the Social Security Administration. The denial letters contain information about how to file a request for a reconsideration and the deadline for doing so. It is important that the claimants do not miss the deadlines or they will be forced to restart the application process.

In general, people will have 60 days to file their reconsideration requests after receiving the denials. This deadline is calculated with the assumption that people receive their letters five days after the dates on them. Claimants may submit additional evidence and documents that support their claims in order to rebut the reasons given by the Social Security Administration for its denial. This may include statements from their doctors, laboratory reports, medical records, diagnostic findings and other information that supports the claimants’ eligibility for disability benefits.

Social Security Disability Insurance benefits may help people who have disabling conditions that leave them unable to return to their jobs. When people are denied their request, they may want to consult with experienced disability lawyers who may help their clients with supplementing their claim files with additional evidence that supports the basis for their claims. They may also help them with filing their reconsideration requests within the deadline so that they do not have to restart the process.